Q: How do I use the Robdechi hybrid scarf properly ? 


Q: Do you ship outside the U.S.?

A: We currently ship only in the U.S.  However, in the near future we will be shipping internationally 

Q: Are the scarves designed for men or women? 

A: The Robdechi hybrid scarf is designed for everyone.


Q: What neck size does the Robdechi hybrid scarf accommodate?

A: The hybrid scarf can comfortblly be inflated to fit neck sizes of 12 to 19 inches.


Q: Once I purchase and receive a hybrid scarf can I return it? 

A: No refunds. The scarf has the same attributes as an swimwear and undergarments.

Q: What's the care instructions for the Robdechi hybrid scarf?


A: Dry Clean Only, please remove inflation system. 

Q: Can I inflate the 1080 hoodie with the hood down? 


A. Yes, you can inflate the with the hood up or down. It's versatile 


Q. What's the difference between the 580 and 290. They both look similar?

A.  The 580 and 290 exterior design is similar however the 580 is double layered and has an interior zippered pocket. 

Q: If I want to carry the Robdechi brand at my boutique who do we contact?


A. Email sales@robdechi.com with your information. including store location, website, and vision. 

Q: I want to model for Robdechi, who do I contact?  


A. Email model@robdechi.com include your comp card. We are open to shooting in different states.

Q. If I have any issues with the products, who do I contact?  

Email: contact@robdechi.com and we will take responsibly for the structural integrity of our product.   

Q. Are the Robdechi Hybrid scarves made in America? 

Yes, They are conceived designed and assembled in the U.S.A.